Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition

David Newman makes some bold proclamations for the solo-preneur in 21st Century marketplace.

Sometimes the difficulty with marketing a new idea is that there are too many abstract possibilities.  You have a vision, and bringing that vision into reality in a useful, desirable way is the primary objective.  Finding the optimal conveyor of this idea is not only confusing– it’s unpleasant.  For most of us who dream of creating and contributing, the last thing we want to do is self-promotion.  

What Newman manages to do in this fast-paced read is break down the variables into action-oriented, concrete principles.  Written in an entertaining style that moves along at a clip more like web content, Newman identifies common pitfalls (the cold call is a particularly satisfying passage) and then turns his attention to some useful archetypes such as the Trusted Advisor and the Prove-it Test.  

“Do you want to cut to the chase?  Are you ready to finally make it happen for your business? Do It! Marketing shows you the fastest most efficient and effective ways for you to reach higher, market smarter and win bigger,” stated David Rohlander, CEO, mentor and author of The CEO Code.

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