Ring in 2016 Right: 7 Marketing Dos and Don’ts for the New Year


New Year 2_L

You hopefully made the most of your marketing endeavors amidst the holiday shopping rush.  However, it’s important to remember those efforts shouldn’t stop when the 12 Days of Christmas are behind us.  In fact, using the time following the holidays wisely can actually propel you into a successful New Year.

So, what’s important to consider as you plan marketing activities and goals for 2016?  Before you don your party hat and get out your noisemakers for the upcoming celebration, consider these important tactics and ideas to properly prepare:

1. DO stay consistent.

Your messaging, positioning, and look should line up across all platforms.  Any new fans or clients you won over during the holidays will know what they can expect from your business in the New Year.  Also remain consistent in your timing; you don’t want to use social media to post eight things in one hour then disappear for two weeks.  Planning will ensure that you are reaching your target on a consistent, steady schedule.

2. DO develop an editorial calendar.

In order to maintain your consistency in both messaging and frequency, it’s essential to have a plan in writing.  Working a month or two out, you can decide what your themes and goals will be.  This will allow you to see the bigger picture, and when it’s best to leverage certain themes (perhaps like the upcoming Valentine’s Day?) to drive promotions, social media posts, or e-newsletters.

3. DO welcome a New Year with juicy new offerings.

New Year’s is prime time to add new products and services, particularly with the heavy ad campaigns leading up through the month of December.  Creative marketing ideas abound here, such as holding an after-midnight special New Year’s Day sale, in which you unveil your new product and offer big discounts on old stock. 

4. DON’T forget about customers’ resolutions.

It seems everyone has at least one New Year’s resolution.  Give your customers an extra resolution to follow with your direct-marketing campaign by pointing out key areas where your company excels versus the competition.  Do you offer a superb customer experience?  Try a headline like: “This year I resolve to not waste time on hold with customer service.”  Whatever you can promote about your company or exploit about your competition’s flaws can become a great resolution for your customers to have in the New Year.

5. DON’T neglect mobile.

Smartphones and tablets are increasing in popularity by the day — and not just in terms of sales.  As we press forward into 2016, consumers are using mobile devices more and more to conduct transactions, research brands, visit their favorite sites, and read and reply to emails.  So, if you’re still under the impression that it’s absolutely fine not to worry about optimizing email campaigns and websites for mobile, it’s time to modernize and make some headway in improving your mobile presence.  

6. DO revitalize your content strategy.

Now is a good time to evaluate a variety of content types that could work best for your inbound campaigns.  You can review analytics from the previous year and also engage in continual A/B testing so that your path is going in the right direction for the New Year.

7. DO revisit your customer personas.

What good are these revamped game plans for 2016 if you don’t know for whom you should be creating campaigns in the first place?  Now is the time to reexamine your customer personas.  Truly understand your audience by conducting thorough research on them.  Create online surveys or quizzes to get a better, updated grasp on who they are and what they want.  The bottom line is, you’ll need to comprehend as much about your target demographic(s) as possible to know how to effectively develop your content production, offers, and email and social strategies, among many other efforts.

A new year gives everyone the sense of starting fresh, and clearly this is true in terms of marketing as well.  Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!  By preparing and getting organized now, you can put strong New Year marketing ideas into place, and it can be your business’s best year ever!