Celebrating the Fourth of July 2018: Ideas to Make the Most of the Holiday and Time With Your Family

susiealmaneih 4th of july


It generally feels as if summer is marked by the big three:

The unofficial beginning of the season is Memorial Day.

The unofficial end of the season is Labor Day.

And somewhere in the middle, we happen upon the joys of Independence Day.

While not technically the mid-point of summer, it can feel that way –offering the time to pause and to think about how fast summer is going so far, and what else you want to accomplish in the coming two months or so.

It’s also nice to enjoy that day out of the office, and whether you extend the time off by using a little PTO, or just welcome a day to sleep in, it’s a nice idea to really use the Fourth of July as a way to celebrate and make memories with your family. And that doesn’t necessarily even involve a lot of traveling or complicated planning. It’s just important to remember that the day has great significance in our country and in each of our lives, so it’s crucial to think about it beyond just having a day off in the middle of summer. Here are some ideas for you:


History over breakfast

Mornings are so often a rush that breakfast rarely gets recognition as a valued family meal. This Fourth of July, however, consider kicking your day off right (even if a bit of a later start than usual!). Make pancakes with blueberries and strawberries for some colorful fun, and read about the origins of July 4th with your family. You can even watch a video online (here’s a great resource for some educational short-form ones: https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/july-4th/videos).


What freedom means to me

A great follow-up to learning more about the origin of the holiday is each family member sharing what freedom means to them. Mom or Dad may start out as kids get the hang out of it, but it’s important for children to tie it all together, understanding the significance of Independence Day in their own daily lives.


Community parade

Most areas have local festive parades celebrating America’s birthday. Involve your family –wear your red, white, and blue, apply some sunscreen, and go out to celebrate.


Take me out to the ballgame

Many major league teams play day games on July 4th, so take advantage and enjoy some pre-All Star break action at the nearby ballpark. If you live a bit away from the closest team, even consider a day or overnight trip for the event.



The kiddos may already know their fair share of patriotic songs from school or activities, so maybe sing a favorite, or learn a new one. A nice list with lyrics can be found here for your reference: http://www.usa-flag-site.org/song-lyrics/


Host a barbeque

Whether it’s for immediate family, neighbors, or close friends, plan a get-together. Consider making main dishes while guests bring sides or desserts. Plan some games, and make sure your kids help out as they can. Playing host promotes a sense of community and friendship, honoring this holiday and taking advantage of the free time you don’t normally have.


Enjoy fireworks (even if only on TV)

If the area for firework displays in your town gets packed, or it all goes too late for your younger kids, consider watching them on TV. Many programs now intersperse them with musical entertainment as well, making it all that much better. But if you can get to an in-person viewing, go for it. Kids love seeing the sky blasts, and it even brings out the inner-kid in adults too.


So this July, make it a safe and fun “family fourth,” and consider one or more of these ideas in planning your day out to really make the most of it. Keep in mind the significance of the day and those who have fought for our freedoms, enjoy the time with those around you, and form lasting memories that will stay fresh in your mind for many more summers to come.