About Susie Almaneih

Susie AlmaneihClimbing the corporate ladder is a challenge for anyone, but that can especially be true when you are trying to do it in heels.  Susie Almaneih, entrepreneur and business executive, has learned over the course of her 20+ year career that as a female, being able to lead a juggling act in the professional world circus can sometimes be the biggest asset you’ve got.  Almaneih has proven that women can in fact pursue multiple interests, and succeed personally as well as professionally when the passion, time, and effort are there.  She has had extensive industry experience in the technology, sales, and marketing fields, and has worked for several top technology businesses and innovative brands – in the process, saving companies over $4.5M in operational expenses.

Susie Almaneih | Influencers

Susie Almaneih’s parents definitely held the ladder stable as she started her climb.  They emigrated from Eastern Europe with the dream to build a better life for their children, proudly succeeding in positions within the steel industry.  Their sacrifices instilled a strong work and life ethic into their children, and Almaneih recalls her dad saying, “Work is work.  If it was fun, it would be called fun.”

However, in time, Almaneih came to learn that if you pursue doing what you love, work can be fun.  Graduating in 1995 with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Finance from Baldwin Wallace College kicked off her own adventure in the professional world.

Susie Almaneih | Prior Job Experience

Her first job was with a transportation company in an analyst role.  This industry was pretty male dominant at the time, and the VP, who was Almaneih’s boss, would clip his toenails while she’d ask questions, and sometimes even inappropriately scratch himself while hovering over her chair.  Her idea of the whole Melrose Place being the way the work world was squashed pretty much instantly.  However, when that same VP gave her the hardest project to figure out (how to do Pivot Tables in Excel – this was 1995 after all!) in order to analyze port to port transportation data, she figured it out on her own, and helped the company win what was at that time one of its biggest deals.

From that point on, Almaneih recognized the importance of technological and product advancements in a growing world of technology.  One of her current favorite organizations is Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization dedicated to leading women in the fields of technology and engineering.  Almaneih is a strong advocate for women empowerment and equality in the workplace, and has proved that with motivation, passion, and hard work, anything is possible.

Susie Almaneih | Exact Market

Almaneih currently works at Exact Market as a leader in SVP Products and Program Marketing.  Exact Market is a marketing services company focused on driving unified launches, reducing the time it takes for a product to market, and improving sales results. Here, Almaneih works primarily with high-tech clients based in the Silicon Valley in markets such as computer security, software, healthcare, and semiconductors. Throughout the years, Almaneih has excelled at her position and continues to act as a leading voice for women in the industry.

Recognizing the importance of those who helped her up the corporate ladder, even while wearing heels, Susie Almaneih succeeds in her juggling act of efficiently managing her professional endeavors, while still making the time to hold a ladder and give a boost to other girls gearing up for a similar climb.